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2 x 12" Vinyl £26.99

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*Limited to 1 Copy Per Purchase.

As with previous Ivy Lab's EP's, specially commissioned hand made 'Ivy Editions' are available. Carefully constructed together using sourced materials to make these vinyl a truly unique item to own. Each vinyl are hand made & numbered out of 100.

Made from sourced Nepalese handmade lokta paper, each edition vinyl have the EP artwork carefully silk screen printed onto the sleeve which are then folded, tied and fastened together with coloured string cotton.

- Unique Ivy Edition center labels have been manufactured to really make these vinyl stand out from the standard house edition of the same release.

- Inside the outer sleeve the double vinyl are housed in two limited edition hand stamped black inner sleeves.

- To finish it all off, the Ivy Editions are kept preserved with in a durable outer plastic wallet.

- Vinyl ships with a free mp3 download card of the Peninsula EP & Digital downloads will be enabled Friday 17th March direct from your account.

[*Purchases will be monitored. Multiple copies purchased will be deducted from final order before dispatching. ** Ivy Editions dispatching 27th March]

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